Blackjack Online: To Choose Or Not To Choose

Here is an overview of blackjack online variants of the game you've loved most with the list of advantages and short description on each mentioned type. Though the difference is unessential, you have to know them in order to choose a blackjack online version special for you.

Blackjack Most Popular Variants

We'll shortly have a look at some of them to let you know which blackjack online games are worth to pay attention at.

The Explanation of the Blackjack Variants

Atlantic City Blackjack

This game of blackjack online is remarkable for offering single and multi-hand options at one time. Rules and strategies are the same, though you'll spend more on the multi-hand blackjack version. The game gas low house edge and it is very similar to traditional Blackjack, however it is played with 8 decks. In this game, you may double on any of the first two cards, and a double after a split is permitted. You are also able to then re-split cards into 3 hands and late surrender is allowed.

Bonus Blackjack

This Blackjack game features an added option according to which your payout is greater than in other casino games. Bonus Blackjack is usually played with2 decks. If to bet on the special bonus option, then in case of having a hand of classical Blackjack, the payout will be 50:1.

European Blackjack

In the European Blackjack the classical Natural Hand always beats others. The Dealer stands on 17. If the dealer has a Blackjack, then all original or doubled bets will be lost.

Vegas Downtown Blackjack

The strategy of this game differs dependably on what type of the game is being played: single or multi-hand. Still, the entire general stays the same. This game is played with 2 decks. The Dealer always hits on soft 17. The player can split cards into 3 hands. The player should always split an Ace and then hit another one card with the value of 10. If the total is 21, but not Blackjack, it means that you beaten by Blackjack.

Vegas Strip Blackjack

One the most popular types of Blackjack, which is played just as the classic game, but with 4 decks. This means that odds are better. As in the previous one, if the player splits two Aces and then he gets a 10 value card, the subtotal wouldn't be a Blackjack. The Dealer stands on soft 17.

Triple Shot

Another variant of the Blackjack online game is Triple Shot, where multiple players are getting only one card. The player who will get the highest one - wins.

The majority of the mentioned above games are featured on the Internet. You can play live Blackjack or online, whatever you like. All variants of Blackjack have their specific benefits. And also do have disadvantages. It's all up to you.