Online Blackjack Reviews: The History Of The Game

The history of blackjack is interesting and complex at a time. No one can tell exactly where it begins or where it'll end. But in our online blackjack review we'll try to find it out.

There are numerous versions how it all has begun, among the most trustworthy are ancient China and mediaeval Europe. However, we truly know that in the 14-th century most part of the Europe have been addicted to various card games.

Origins of Blackjack Rules

Due to online blackjack reviews we know that French Blackjack rules were the first that laid into the foundation of the popular blackjack game as we know it today with its tips and strategies. All well-known blackjack rules have been taken from 18th century Vingt-Un (the Game in 21).

This game quickly spread all over gambling halls of America, though games like Craps and Poker were more popular at that time.

To adopt the Vingt-Un to players casino operators began using it, offering a special payout for a hand in the game which consisted of an Ace card and a black jack. According to online blackjack reviews this is how the modern name of Blackjack has been given.

After that, many gamblers realized all the advantages of the skill-based game, which Blackjack actually was, and there were no more need for casinos to promote the game that became popular over all the other card games.

Online Blackjack History

Online blackjack reviews tell us that the history of blackjack continues after conquering casinos. In 20-th century blackjack moved on to Internet. Online versions of the blackjack are available on numerous sites dedicated to this game, so that every player could enjoy the game at home at any suitable time.

Many online experimented with the format and type of the game. That's why nowadays you can experience a huge variety of blackjack types, trying different rules and options you prefer.

As we can see it today, online gambling grow and progress, so nobody knows whether it will end someday or not, because the possibilities of the Internet are endless.

Main Rules to Mention

Despite the basic simplicity, blackjack is played in many different ways and variants. Online blackjack review gathered a set of basic rules, which are written below:

  1. In blackjack is used a 52-card deck. Suits doesn't matter, only card values which are equal to its face value (for cards from 2 to 10), all the other face cards are also counted as 10, an Ace card counts 1 or 11, it depends on the option of the player.
  2. The goal of the game is to beat the dealer not exceeding 21 points.
  3. In the hand where an Ace is counted as 11 - the hand is called a Soft Hand. Hard Hand will be, when an Ace is counted as 1.
  4. Cards may be dealt up both faces up and down. It varies due to rules.

So in our online blackjack review we managed to expose the history of blackjack and its forms from different centuries. Still blackjack remains to be the most popular table game both in casinos and over the Internet. And it's really hard to see that the game will ever fall out of players favor.