How To Win

In a blackjack game, player is the one who has the most of the role to play; dealer is just like some robot. He does not make any decision on his own and whatever he follows are as per the set rules.

Following are a few approaches or strategies that a player could undertake while playing a Blackjack game:


  1. You must realize that Blackjack is just a game that requires good money management, so you should play accordingly. Keep a target and follow it religiously. Decide when you have to quit and when do you need to stand immaterial of the card the dealer has. A system like Paroli is a kind of good money management method.
  2. Always go by basic strategies. You need to follow your game and consider dealer's card to decide to stand or call another card. D'Alembert money management method should be applied here by setting the suitable profit & loss limit.
  3. The card counting is not at all an easy task. Many of the casinos do not appreciate it. It is also suggested to read the books from the experienced experts that will help you go a long way.

Details about Card counting

Logic of card counting says - any deck of cards that's rich in 10s or Aces are very much favorable and suitable for the player, and likewise the deck that has a lot of small cards will favor the dealer. Also, the deck full of 10s & Aces are more likely for busting the dealer somewhat more often. If you need to know the richness of higher cards or the lack of it in the deck you should keep an eye on the cards which have already been played & assigned some point value for each of those cards.

This calculation isn't that easy, however the counter would yield a plus every time the gets turn more favorable & a minus for each of the time it gets lesser favorable. Essentially, high cards get you a minus one point and lower cards a positive one point & the middle cards get you zero points. Positive count denotes good chances & very high + count implies chances are the best & the counter would examine his hand & the up card of the dealer and then accordingly weigh his options & increase his bet.

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