Online Odds

In any casino game, lady luck plays a very important role in deciding the course of the game, but you could surely improve your chances by learning a few rules and knowing about the odds in the game. The first and the foremost thing to know and understand are Blackjack odds and card counting is one of its related skills. The job is trying recalling those cards that have been already dealt with, on the basis of which you would decide your game. If bigger cards are there in that deck then you are all set to win and on the contrary if the smaller cards are more, then in all probability the dealer is going to win.

To be familiar with all sorts of blackjack odds gets quite important. Moreover, there are many kinds of odds in Blackjack. For instance there are odds with the help of which, next card would push you over twenty one points depending upon the present card. Also, there are some blackjack odds which the dealer would go over twenty one on the basis of the card's value that he may be having. Based on combination of card one can know the probability of winning by the help of percentage that gets shown. One should know that these odds are good for both online casinos plus real casinos.

Odds for the player

The very first Odds of Blackjack that we will be looking here deal with cards of the player. Suppose the player has already twelve points, then the chances are around 31% that next card would push the player over twenty one. Having fourteen points, the chances are over 56% to go beyond twenty one.

With fifteen points, the chances are 58% to go beyond twenty one. With sixteen points, this chance goes to over 62%. This probability reaches 69% when the player has seventeen points. With eighteen points, this probability reaches 77% for going beyond twenty one. It is 85% with nineteen points and lastly when somebody is having twenty points with him, his blackjack odds could go beyond 92% for going over twenty one.

Odds for the dealer

Similarly, it is a must to know about the odds for other cards which the dealer might have. Dealer generally has 1 face up card and if that happens to be an Ace, the chances are 11.65% that dealer would go over twenty one. If the card is either a jack or king or queen this percentage goes to 21.43%. For nine, the chances are around 23.34%. With eight, that probability for dealer to cross twenty one is 23.86% and with 7 it is 25.99%. If he is having a five, his chances go up to 42.89%. Likewise, for the cards four, three and two the respective blackjack probabilities are 40.2%, 37.5% & 35.3%.