Blackjack: Use Your Options

Blackjack is the kind of game that you can easily learn without wasting your time. It consists of basic blackjack options and moves we are going to talk about below. So if you are new to this game and haven't master your skills and knowledge yet - please, welcome to our guide, where we'll tell all we know about betting and payouts that works for you!

Basic Moves

So the basic strategy in blackjack is based on several main options you can use during your play. They are:

Let's have a good look on each of them. As you may know in blackjack a winning hand is a hand with two cards: an Ace and any 10-value cards (it can be whether a 10 or any of face cards). If you got a winning pair then your payout will be 3:2, in case that the dealer hasn't got a blackjack too.


Hit. It means that you are asking your dealer for an additional card after you've been dealt your two initial cards. By doing that you may increase your chances for winning by increasing the value of your hand. You can do as many Hits as you wish, until you are ok with your hand's total.

Stand. By saying that you get the dealer know that you wish to stay at what you've already receive in your hands total.

Insurance. This option may vary according to the rules of the casino. Nevertheless, the meaning is that you can take Insurance if the dealer suddenly takes an Ace card and the possibility of his win increases.

Surrender. It means you can hold your hand and certainly lose the half of your bet. This option is available only at the start of the game before you Hit or Stand. And also you are permitted to Surrender if one of the dealer's cards is an Ace.

Double Down. Before the third card is dealt you can double your bets. After you Double Down you can't hit again, but can get one extra card.

Splitting Pairs. One of the important aspects of the blackjack. You can split your initial hand into two if your two first cards are of the same value. By Splitting you increase your chances. You also put a bet on the additional pair you've got which is equal to the first one.

So as you can understand your options are alike in some meaning, you can find similarities between Surrendering and Doubling Down after Splitting etc. They are variable options. If you practice enough then you'll know where to apply them and when not to. All these options are called for making money for you. Though if you are not bothered with exercising them, then these options will gain the advantage for the house.